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To search for a specific word or phrase, enter the exact word or phrase. For a more exact find, surround the word with quotes. i.e. "google".

You may also use Boolean logic to build complex search conditions. To do so, use the following terms:

AND (Boolean AND)
OR (Boolean OR)
NOT (Boolean NOT)


art AND school - this searches for articles containing information about art schools.

art NOT school - this search would find only articles having the word art, but not the word school.

art OR publish NOT school - this would find only articles having the word art or publish, excluding records with the word school.

business AND loan AND bank - this would find articles containing all the words

Wildcard Search:

You can also use wildcard characters to expand your search:

Asterisks (*) substitute for a string of characters of any length

Question marks (?) substitute for a particular character


par* - words beginning with the characters 'par'

fl??ss - Words beginning with fl and ending with ss with any two characters in between

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