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The purpose here is to help you understand basic Technical Analysis through both the use of Charts and Helpful Links.

Favorite Books:   

Book Shelf-Fundamental   Book Shelf -Technical

"Technical Analysis of Stock Trends" by Edwards and McGee is a must read!!!

Helpful Links:

Economic Calendar:

General/Finance:  Yahoo Finance Rates/Mortgages and more...

Charting:     - Simply the Web's Best Stock Charts  

ETF/Sector:           Sector Watch    AMEX-ETF Information   eSignal Symbols: eSignal Indices

Sentiment Data:   Investor's Intelligence Data  MarketGauge by Dataview, LLC 

Candlesticks:        Candlesticker by - Bullish Matching Low Pattern  1st and Only Site For Candlestick Chart Stock Market Analysis -

Insider Buy/Sell:

Market Map Sites: Map of the Market ETF Map (Maps) |   MarkeTrac Light

IPO Links:            IPO Monitor  www.IPOHOME.COM

Pattern Recognition: Wedge stock patterns Cup and Handle chart formation 

Put/Call Data:      CBOE: Market Data -- Intra-Day Violume  CBOE - Delayed Market Quotes

Pre/Post Market Links:  Briefing-Upgrades/Downgrades Pre-Market Trading Extended Trading

Earnings Data: Earnings Calendar      Markets Calendar 

Elliott Wave:         the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on 

Miscellaneous: Financial Dictionary    NASDAQ Price % Gainers - Yahoo! Finance  U.S. Treasury - Yield Curve   


 Jack Steiman
CEO of The Informed Trader and
Renowned TV-Radio Analyst on:

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* FOX-TV - Neil Cavuto's Your World
* Barron's Market Watch
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* Marc Mandel's - Winning on Wall Street
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